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Re: Get Current BarsBeatsPosition

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programaudio wrote:
Sun May 03, 2020 12:02 am
How should the ProcessContext::State (uint32), SystemTime (int64) and Chord::KeyNote (uint8) values be serialzed as parameters in the processor getState/setState methods?

The HelloWorld examples show ParamValue and int16 parameters as IBStreamer::readFloat/readInt32 types.
getState/setState are black boxes from the host/daw point of view. You can read and write data in whatever way you want, the host doesn't care. What matters (for you) is the order in which you serialize the data and how you serialize it. IBStreamer has many flavors (readInt64, etc...) and you should just use the one that matches each type. But if you use writeInt32u, writeInt64, writeInt8u, (in this order), you should make sure to call readInt32u, readInt64, readInt8u otherwise you won't get the proper values back.

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