VST 3.6.11 SDK Released (build 34)

SDK for VST 3 audio plug-in and host development.
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VST 3.6.11 SDK Released (build 34)

Postby ygrabit » Tue Oct 23, 2018 2:23 pm

Dear VST Developers,

Steinberg Media Technologies today releases VST SDK 3.6.11 (build 34).

Here's a brief overview of changes :

  • VSTGUI 4.7
    • update to VSTGUI 4.7
    • move from GTK++ to XCB for linux support
  • New icon for VST3 bundles: VST_Logo_Steinberg.ico and VST_Logo_Steinberg.icns (located in VST_SDK/VST3_SDK/doc/artwork folder)
  • Interfaces Changes:
    • VST2 interface not anymore available!
    • New \ref Steinberg::Vst::INoteExpressionPhysicalUIMapping: allowing the host to retrieve the preferred physical mapping associated to note expression supported by the Plug-in.
  • cmake:
    • further improvement for users projects
  • Plug-in Wrappers:
    • fix VST2 Wrapper for instruments which were not visible as instrument
    • AAX Wrapper (\ref AAXWrapper):
      • fix UI resizing
      • fix issue for default blocksize
  • Helpers Classes:
    • make virtual some functions of class Parameter (set/getUnitID, getInfo, set/getPrecision)

The SDK could downloaded here:

will be sync later on

Your Steinberg Team
YVan Grabit

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