RE: [VST 3.6.14 SDK Released]

SDK for VST 3 audio plug-in and host development.
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RE: [VST 3.6.14 SDK Released]

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Creating a new thread since I can't respond to the announcement thread.

The changes state: VSTGUI 4.9. What are the changes exactly? Where can I find the release notes for VSTGUI? The only thing I could find on the github project is ... /Changelog which has not been updated in 4 years.

Since VSTGUI is such an integral part of the sdk, I think it would be a good idea to simply list the changes with the release notes of the SDK, but if you don't want to, at the minimum provide a link to them.


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Re: RE: [VST 3.6.14 SDK Released]

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The git commit log is the change log since moving to GitHub:
The high level change log is here: ... anges.html


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