[BUG?] changeViewZOrder not working on CScrollView

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[BUG?] changeViewZOrder not working on CScrollView

Postby f.berti » Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:57 am


I've just noticed that the changeViewZOrder method is not working on a CScrollView.
The method is not overridden in the CScrollView class, so the CViewContainer implementation is getting called and it fails to detect the child view for which the Z order must be changed.

I've manually got it to work by simply overriding the method in the CScrollView class and forwarding the call to the internal CScrollView member:

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bool CScrollView::changeViewZOrder(CView* view, uint32_t newIndex)
   return sc->changeViewZOrder(view, newIndex);

Anything wrong with it? Is there a better way to fix the issue?


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