HiDPI and uidescription?

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Arne Scheffler
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Re: HiDPI and uidescription?

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If the screenshot sizes are the same, then the apps don't run in HiDPI mode. I don't know why you don't get them to run in that mode, but that's the issue you have to solve.

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Re: HiDPI and uidescription?

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Ok, it's working now. I had to set a system setting via the command line (DisplayResolutionEnabled) in order to see the HiDPI selection on my Mac desktop computer, which allowed me to select a HiDPI mode on my monitor. Now I am getting the 2x images I am supposed to see.

(Unfortunately, my non-Apple hi-resolution monitor still doesn't have a HiDPI selection available for this testing for some reason, but I can use my regular monitor to see that the correct images are being used, and that's enough for my development and testing purposes.)

Thanks for the help, Arne!

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