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Popup dialog window

Postby pongasoft » Wed Dec 19, 2018 2:06 pm


I would like to display a little popup dialog do ask confirmation from the user (in my specific case, the user is about to do a destructive operation and I want to make sure that is what they want to do).

How do you do this with VSTGUI?

I was looking through the code and found

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void UIBitmapsController::showSettingsDialog ()
   UIDialogController* dc = new UIDialogController (this, bitmapPathEdit->getFrame ());
   UIBitmapSettingsController* fsController = new UIBitmapSettingsController (dataSource->getSelectedBitmap (), dataSource->getSelectedBitmapName (), editDescription, actionPerformer);
   dc->run ("bitmap.settings", "Bitmap Settings", "Close", nullptr, fsController, UIEditController::getEditorDescription ());

which seems to be opening a dialog window but uses UIDialogController which doesn't exist unless VSTGUI_LIVE_EDITING is set... which means works only in Debug mode, not Release.


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