VST 3.6.14 SDK Released

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VST 3.6.14 SDK Released

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Dear VST Developers,

Steinberg Media Technologies today releases the VST SDK 3.6.14.

Here's a brief overview of changes :
  • VSTGUI 4.9
  • cmake:
    • small refactoring
    • add file SMTG_VST3_SDK.cmake
    • better FindJack support
    • better Cross-compiler support for Linux
  • Samples:
    • add some more checks and 64 bit processing support in HostChecker Plug-in
    • add AAX version of "HostChecker Plug-in"
    • add new test in Validator:
      • threaded process, bypass persistence
      • new option to run more tests (optExtensiveTests, "Run extensive tests [may take a long time]")
      • improvement to MidiMappingTest performance
  • Plug-in Wrappers:
    • The InterAppAudio Wrapper is deprecated and may be removed in the next SDK update. Please switch to AudioUnit V3 on iOS.
    • AAX Wrapper:
      • add SMPTE support
  • Helpers Classes:
    • clear programLists, programIndexMap and units in EditControllerEx1 when terminating
  • VST3PluginTestHost:
    • menu change on Windows
    • add new tests
The SDK can be downloaded here:

Online documentation available under:

Your Steinberg Team
YVan Grabit