VST 3.6.12 SDK Released (build 67)

SDK for VST 3 audio plug-in and host development.
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VST 3.6.12 SDK Released (build 67)

Postby ygrabit » Mon Dec 03, 2018 2:17 pm

Dear VST Developers,

Steinberg Media Technologies today releases the VST SDK 3.6.12 (build 67).

Here's a brief overview of changes :

  • VSTGUI 4.7
    • fix crash with splash screen
    • fix compilation for VSTGUI Tools on win32
  • Interfaces Changes:
    • New Steinberg::Vst::LegacyMIDICCOutEvent: allowing a Plug-in to generate MIDI CC as output event.
    • New Steinberg::Vst::IMidiLearn (Plug-in): allow a Plug-in to get the currently live playing MIDI CC to implement custom MIDI learning.
    • New Steinberg::Vst::IPlugInterfaceSupport (Host): allow a Plug-in to ask the host if a given Plug-in interface is supported/used by the host.
    • New Steinberg::Vst::IVst3WrapperMPESupport (Wrapper): allow a Plug-in to setup MPE support in wrappers.
  • cmake:
    • small refactoring (like renaming WIN to SMTG_WIN)
    • fix WIN_ARCHITECTURE_NAME for Windows 32bits
    • fix SMTG_PACKAGE_ICON_PATH selection
    • split WIN_PDB into WIN_PDB32 and WIN_PDB64
  • Samples:
    • New LegacyMIDICCOut VST3 Plug-in showing the use of LegacyMIDICCOutEvent
    • Add Steinberg::Vst::IMidiLearn support for NoteExpressionSynth
    • Add Audio Unit v3 NoteExpressionSynth example with MPE support
  • Plug-in Wrappers:
    • Audio Unit v3 (AUv3) Wrapper:
      • out of the box MPE support. As MPE is a limited subset of the Note Expression feature, the three expressions are simply mapped to the note expressions returned via Steinberg::Vst::INoteExpressionPhysicalUIMapping interface.
      • note that you must have certificates to sign on macOS/iOS for AUv3.
      • complete folder restructuring for easy adaption
    • AAX Wrapper:
      • fix automation update after loading a preset
    • VST2 Wrapper:
      • fix double release of editor
  • Helpers Classes:
    • New file with some helpers for event: vsteventshelper.h

The SDK can be downloaded here:

Your Steinberg Team
YVan Grabit

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