how to use own GUI / windows instead VSTI GUI?

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how to use own GUI / windows instead VSTI GUI?

Post by Wanderer » Fri Jan 10, 2020 10:09 pm


I made setup for vst as in documentation, now I can't find info about how to create own window. I want use WPF. Please don't post something about VST.NET, I want my own implementation of WPF. The only key is (or question) where to initialize, show, hide / close and destroy a window? Is there some documentation about that?
Only this information on documentation I found
"If you are not using VSTGUI, please check that you provide the correct object derived from EditorView or CPlugInView and that you overwrite the function isPlatformTypeSupported ()."
only EditorView deffinition have isPlatformTypeSupported() EDIT. sorry I just looked at IpPluginView that have virtual of this function. Ok, but this not explain where to create and show window etc...

Another question is, can VST3 use more then one dll? Unfortunately I will need use more then one dll due the WPF.

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